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The evaluation version is a full OMNEST installation, including the simulation libraries, tools, the IDE, sample simulations and documentation. You can run and modify all the provided samples and create your own small simulations. You can also download, install and try OMNeT++ models from the web.

Windows Installer

omnest-6.0.3-eval-windows-x86_64.exe   (md5sum: 0229f5ead445c7842e27da75ed386c40)

This program installs OMNEST Evaluation on a Windows machine. For compiling models, OMNEST can use the bundled MinGW-w64 compiler.

NOTE: Some antivirus software may raise false alarms for some files in the package, especially MinGW-compiled executables. If this causes inconveniences for you, disable these directories in your antivirus software.

omnest-6.0.3-linux-x86_64-eval.tgz   (md5sum: 524da867e10e8826906f14d6efa577f8)

The Linux version needs to be built on your system and requires several packages installed beforehand. Please consult the Installation Guide document in the doc folder.


The only limitations of the evaluation version are:

  • No source code is provided for the simulation kernel (on Windows).
  • Simulations are limited to 10,000,000 events and 1000 modules.

If you need an unlimited version of OMNEST for your evaluation, please contact us.