Can we help you with some training?

OMNEST is a complex system with many powerful features.

Although the tutorials, examples, detailed manuals and documentation will help you get acquainted with the system, our training can greatly accelerate this process getting you and your team productive faster. We received a number of requests recently for both introductory and advanced level training. Wherever possible, we will try to meet your exact training requirements and tailor our course to best suit your needs.

You can book a complete training for your team or inquire about availability at [email protected]. Get in touch with us today by e-mail, or complete the contact form.

Save time and money with consulting!

OMNEST is used in a great variety of simulation domains from business processes to sensor networks and beyond.

We have been designing simulations for well over a decade, and this experience may be useful to you. We may not be experts in your specific area of research, but the basic principles of successful simulation design apply to each and every project equally.

By relying on our experts early in your project, you can save time and money avoiding costly experiments. Our experienced staff can help you make the right design decisions for your project to ensure maximum results with minimum cost.

By combining your domain specific knowledge with our deep understanding of the simulation platform we can put together a reliable recipe for success and help you achieve your project goals with confidence.

Get in touch with us on [email protected] to discuss how we can help you today, or complete the contact form.