The focus of version 4.5 was to improve the usability of the graphical runtime environment (Tkenv).


  • Single-Window Mode

    The Tkenv GUI has been redesigned for single-window mode to improve usability and user experience. New inspector windows can still be opened, and they are kept always above the main window.

  • New Look and Feel

    Tkenv has also received a new, modern look and feel, due to the use of the Ttk widgets and a custom Ttk theme. This makes a huge difference in looks on all platforms, but especially on OS X. See before (left) and after (right) screenshots.

  • Navigation History for Inspectors

    Inspectors are no longer tied to a single object and visited objects are remembered as navigable history (back/forward/up). Local toolbars were added to the upper right corner of the inspectors with navigation and other context aware actions.

  • Packet Trace View

    Tkenv now stores message sendings and also a clone of corresponding message objects (cMessage), and can show them in the log window. Message printer classes can be contributed to customize the content of the log lines. Switching between the module log and the message trace is possible using the local toolbar in the log inspector window.

  • Optimized Status Area

    The status area is more concise now (two rows instead of three), and shows more information at the same time. A part of the status area can be turned off to free up vertical space (Ctrl+D).

  • Main Menu Cleanup

    We have reorganized the main menu, removed obsolete menu items and added numerous smaller improvements: additional hotkeys (Ctrl+Plus/Minus for Zoom, Ctrl+F5 Run Until, Ctrl+Q Quit); on-demand scrollbars (i.e. they are hidden when not needed); module graphics now remembers zoom level and settings per NED type; etc.

Other Tkenv Improvements:

  • Module graphics now remembers zoom level and settings per NED type
  • For each log line, the context module is now stored, and is shown as a line prefix where it makes sense (where it differs from event’s module)
  • Message printer classes can be contributed to customize the messages view of log windows
  • Timeline drawing now adapts to font size
  • On-demand scrollbars (i.e. they are hidden when not needed)
  • Dialogs where it makes sense now remember size and location
  • Additional hotkeys: Ctrl+Plus/Minus for Zoom, Ctrl+F5 Run Until, Ctrl+Q Quit, etc.
  • OS X: use Command key for hotkeys instead of Ctrl
  • BLT is no longer needed (we use Ttk instead)

Other changes

  • In the Windows bundle, the debugger have been upgraded to gdb-7.7; Tcl/Tk has been upgraded to version 8.6.0.
  • New configure.user option to prefer clang over gcc if both are installed
  • New configure.user option to enable/disable C++ 11 compilance (-std=c++11) Note that this is NOT supported on Windows because of issues with the bundled MinGW 4.7 compiler.
  • Tcl/Tk version 8.5 is required, 8.6 is preferred; BLT is no longer in use
  • countless other, smaller improvements

Bugs fixed:

What's New in OMNEST 4.4.1