This release contains several important fixes like JDK 11 and osgEarth 2.10 compatibility, a workaround for long CDT indexing times, and several improvements in the simulation library.


  • Added the intuniformexcl() NED and C++ function. It returns a random integer with uniform distribution over [a,b), that is, including a and excluding b.

  • The contents of resultfilters.h and resultrecorders.h are now public API, i.e. part of \. This change allows one to derive new result filters/recorders by subclassing the built-in ones.

  • A description string can now be specified when registering new result filters and recorders. New registration macros have been added for this purpose.

  • cXMLElement was optimized to use less memory when large files are loaded.

  • cHistogram now collects the number of positive and negative infinity values separately.

  • SimTime: Added preciseDiv() for a precise division of an integer and a simulation time.

  • cQueue, cPacketQueue: Added a constructor that accepts a comparator object (not just a function).

  • cModule: Added containsModule() method.


  • Several Qtenv-related fixes and improvements.

  • Added support for osgEarth 2.10 and above.

  • Updated IDE to Eclipse 4.11. This resolves compatibility issues with JDK 11.

  • Workaround for long C++ indexer runtimes in the IDE.

What's New in OMNEST 5.4.1