The largest application area for OMNEST is the simulation of various communication networks, such as wired and wireless networks, mobile ad-hoc networks, sensor networks, vehicular networks and others.

Simulation Models

OMNEST is compatible with the vast body of open-source simulation models that have been written by researchers for the OMNeT++ simulation framework.

The list of simulation models and model frameworks is available on the Simulation Models page.


Models such as the INET Framework or Castalia are frameworks, having been written with the express purpose of making it easy to extend and build on top of them.

Due to OMNEST's component architecture, you can combine existing blocks (protocol models, application models, queues, etc.) and your custom blocks to form models of arbitrary hosts, routers, switches and other network devices. Protocol models may also be mixed with other kinds of simulation models such as queueing or resource allocation models.

Case Studies